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Excellicon expansion and growth continues in Israel

April 28, 2016
Tel Aviv, Israel

Excellicon’s constraints solutions are adopted by major electronics design companies and company’s expansion and growth continues in Israel.

The rapid growth is attributed to the significant acquisition of Excellicon products by many of top ten semiconductor companies as well as innovative smaller to medium-size companies, which recognized the gap in their timing constraints design and validation methodology. The need for automation in generating timing constraints and validating existing SDC files for available IPs is driven by the increased complexity of designs, as well as shrinking technology nodes giving rise to an explosion of constraints files necessary to close timing for a chip.

As design teams start feeling the pinch in schedules attributed to timing constraints quality and adequacy, the demand for overall process automation, as well as automated budgeting, equivalency checks, validation and results visualization is increasing. For example, Timing constraints promotion is a very time-consuming and error-prone task. Promoted constraints are used to perform top level STA and to derive layout partition SDC’s; an impossible task to do manually. Majority of design teams have used little to no automation causing great schedule delays or chip failures. Larger organizations with dedicated CAD teams have developed their own internal tools at a high cost for development and maintenance of internal products. Excellicon is the only company, which provides a unique end-to-end solution.

According to Eli Golmann, president of EGDS in Israel, “Our customers are increasingly seeking automated timing constraints solutions. After several superb reviews of Excellicon products ( the interest in the products has been explosive and we have tried to provide our customers with the best solution for their design needs.” He also added the following about a recent EDA company survey ( “We have experience working with many EDA companies in the past. The comments in the generic survey represent a wide gap between EDA companies and designer needs. Excellicon in our opinion has a unique value proposition for the needs of the designers we serve as they have confirmed the value of the offerings”.

About Excellicon Excellicon is an innovative provider of end-to-end Timing Constraints Analysis and Debugging solutions for the automation of constraints authoring, completion, and validation from RTL to GDS with innovative analysis and debugging infrastructures. Excellicon products CONstraints MANager, CONstraints CERTifier, and ConCert-ET (Exceptions Toolbox) address the needs of designers at every stage of SOC design and implementation in a unified environment. – Timing Closure; Done Once! Done Right! For further information visit:

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