Excellicon Product Portfolio - ConDor - CDC Analysis

  • ConDor Description
  • Structural Data & Reset Analysis
  • Formal, Glitch & Jitter Analysis
  • Multi-Mode & Hierarchical Analysis
  • Analysis, Debug, & Visualization

ConDor changes how the CDC analysis is performed. Requiring NO setup the tool can perform CDC analysis once the design is read into the tool.

The product supports RTL as well as Netlist for CDC analysis and can validate the design for Clock Domain Crossing for the entire hierarchical SOC. The formal nature of the Excellicon infrastructure provides for a simple propagation of CDC information across any and all layers of hierarchy. Being orders of magnitude faster than traditional tools, with unique visual debug capabilities reduces CDC analysis by weeks and days.


Key feature & highlights:

  • NO Setup required - all information about the clocking structure of the design is formally understood by the tool
  • NO Noise - since the setup is deterministic, ConDor produces no unwanted messages/Noise improving the output signal to noise ratios to negligible level
  • Hierarchical - The hierarchical nature of Excellicon infrastructure provides a simple means of managing and propagating CDC crossings across any layer of hierarchy or any mode
  • Multi-Mode - Formal mode extraction available in all Excellicon products allows for simple multi-mode analysis of the entire design
  • Analysis & Visual Guidance - provides a unique multi-layer approach to visualize and analyze potential crossings through abstraction of the clocking structure to very detailed view of the underlying schematics

Condor provides a comprehensive structural analysis. Combined with formal extraction of clocking, mode, and reset information from the design, Condor is cable of analyzing design structurally in minutes, with the fastest run time possible. The tool detection of crossings is analyzed in terms of functionality as well as their timing impact

  • Detect and validate standard synchronization structures
  • Comprehensive Data and Reset analysis
  • Validate any complex clock crossing in terms of correct implementation
  • Consider the timing impact of any crossing
  • Check for proper operation of the complex structures
  • Ability to write SVA for validation of any structure operation in simulation



The formal nature of Excellicon products lends itself to superior formal validation of any complex crossings. Condor is capable of detecting complex clock crossing which is not based on pattern recognition with limited scope, instead it can find any potential crossing in the design and once the structure of the design is analyzed, it can validate its operation. Condor also extend the validation to simulation space when there is a need for designers to have access to correct SVAs in simulation

  • Formal validation of complex synchronizers for proper functionality and operation
  • Glitch and instability Analysis is an integral part of any CDC analysis handled by ConDor
  • Functional correctness across all layers of hiearchy so there won't be a need for multiple validation at each layer of hierarchy
  • Account for impact of clock jitter in all analysis performed




ConDor takes advantage of Excellicon infrastructure, which provides a hierarchical and detailed database of design eliminating the propagation issues. Any clock crossing impact is immediately propagated to all layers of hierarchy and the user can immediately examine the impact of such crossings in the context of the entire design or locally.


The designer is also enabled from the start to perform multi-mode analysis. ConDor has all necessary information for designer to perform CDC analysis for any mode or combination of all modes of the design providing a comprehensive coverage of the entire design.

  • Full propagation of Clock Crossings and detection of violations across all layers of hierarchy
  • Comprehensive multi-mode analysis


  • Provide interaction with design database for shell mode operation and analysis
  • Ability to visualize abstracted view of all clock crossings
  • provides detailed view of each crossing from abstracted view to gate levels
  • Highlight critical crossings for simple and fast detection and debug
  • Comprehensive and intuitive reporting infrastructure



Condor changes the way designers approach CDC analysis. The product provides a unique

  • 0 setup requirements
  • Noiseless analysis results
  • Hiearchical Capability and CDC propagation
  • Suppo


  • Unconstrained paths
  • Unclassified paths
  • Quasi stable paths
  • Comprehensive diagnosis and reasoning behind unconstrained paths



Integration with tools in a typical design flow

  • Integrated solution for generation, validation, and management
  • Ease of use trough interface integration with Verdi for viewing of your design in familiar environment
  • Interface to ConCert product for one to one constrinats validation from ConMan environment
  • Ability to generate downstream tool setup files